The Sociology Research Methods Questionnaire

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The Sociology Research Methods Questionnaire is an example of a badly designed survey. You could improve several questions merely by separating them into 2 questions or narrowing the scope of the question. Also the title would lead you to believe that it had something to do with research methods in sociology, however, upon reading through the survey you soon realize that if there is an objective to this survey it is not clear. The order of the question and answer in some parts of the survey are not succinct and further add to the confusion created by the lack of subject matter. Finally there are many questions as that could have been answered by the research through additional steps. Several of the questions could be rewritten to gain clarity; however doing so would not eliminate the lack of subject matter for this survey. Question # 35, which asks about respondent’s level of comfort with homosexuals; the answers offered are long, extensive and cannot be true all the time for everyone; the answers should be more concise. For example the options could be as simple as:
 Extremely comfortable
 Comfortable
 Not comfortable at all

Question # 37 which requests responded stance or support of feminism, this first issue with this question is the order in which the answers are offered, they are not in order, typically answer should be in ascending or descending order of support not in random order. Also several of the answers are compound thoughts, for example the first answer

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