The Soviet Union As A Great Nation

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Although often overlooked World War 2 can arguably seen as the most critical event in the history of the Soviet Union. The result of the war was the epitome of Stalin’s vision of success for the Soviet Union. The War initially had a significantly positive impact on the Soviet Union in the short term, however the results and effects of the War were a factor that ultimately led to the collapse of the Soviet Union as a whole.

The short-term impact World War 2 had for the Soviet Union was positive for the growth and evolution of the Soviet Union. The War both enhanced nationalism, and propelled the Soviet Union to a major world player. In the eyes of Stalin, WWII was exactly what the Soviet Union needed to evolve into a “great nation.” The war created great sense of nationalism and unity that strengthened the core of the Soviet Union. Just as Stalin had hoped for the Soviet Union became arguably the most nationalistic world power at the time; looking at the way the Soviet Union fought the war can reasonably conclude this. The Soviets didn’t not fight the war conservatively whatsoever. Stalin and the Soviet army would take risks and lose lives in the name of defeating fascist enemies. The Soviet army fought the war as if they’re entire societal system was on the line. “ Ordinary soldiers absorbed the attitudes of the Nazi and the Soviet leaders. Both sides believed that defeat would lead to annihilation of their way of life” (Suny 343). Another positive impact WWII had on

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