The Soviet Union 's Most Prominent Military Leader During World War II

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Simerjot K Sandhu
History 102 Paper
Georgi Zhukov
Georgi Zhukov was the Soviet Union 's most prominent military leader during World War II. He was enrolled into the Imperial Army, serving well enough to merit a promotion to the rank of non-commissioned officer. During World War Two, he was the most successful Russian general. He was born in 1896 in Strelkovka, Russia. One of his famous battles was the battle of Khalkhin-Gol (also known as Nomonhan Incident in Japan).
On 5 June 1939, Georagy Zhukov arrived in Mongolia to take command at Khalkhin Gol. Khalkhin Gol was an issue that was named after a river called Khalkhyn Gol that contained the battlefield front during this war. By the end of Jun 1939, Japanese General Michitaro Komatsubara had authorities to attack. His plan was to attack from two sides. First force, which included infantry regiment and battalion trooped for Baintsagan Hill and then Kawatama Bridge. Other one, involved Tank Regiment, Infantry Regiment, Field Artillery Regiment and battalion intended to outbreak Soviet on the east side of Khalkhin Gol and north Holsten River. Zhukov tossed the counterattack as soon as one of the Japanese troop crossed Khalkhin Gol. He planned his attack without infantry support and with just 450 tanks and armored cars. In response to Japanese attack Soviet armored force and launched 3 side attack. Ultimately, on 5th July they forced the Japanese to fall back over the river. In the meantime, Japanese southern

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