The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

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America’s space program, known as NASA, provides national pride for Americans. Anybody that was alive at the time of the many great space explorations accomplishments we have achieved could tell you where they were when the news that Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the Moon. But, even through all of the success our space program has had it is still remembered by this tragedy. On January 28, 1986, one of the worst disasters in NASA and our space exploration history happened. Most of America witnessed this disaster because it was the first highly televised space mission due to the fact that for the first time ever an average person was a member of the crew. This civilian had won the "Teacher in Space" contest, her name was Christa McAuliffe. Most of the younger generation have only seen videos our heard stories about the infamous explosion. Here is what actually happened. Just after liftoff, not even seconds into the flight, photos showed gray smoke was emerging from the right Rocket Booster. Graphic analysis of the film captured from many other cameras showed that the initial signs of smoke were coming from the aft field joint of the right Rocket Booster. This part of the booster faces the External Tank. The vapor flowing from the joint proved that the sealing action in the joint did not fully complete. While each vapor puff was being left behind by the Shuttle flying upward, it appeared the smoke was rising upwards. The many puffs of smoke
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