The Spiritual Discipline Of Generosity

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Introduction I have chosen the spiritual discipline of generosity as it has been a big part of my life before and after my conversion to Christianity. Generosity is a common discipline for both Christian and non Christian people as a cornerstone of success in whatever way you view success. The 5 qualities that generous people share are they are Altruistic (give without expecting a return), they are Optimistic (view the world in a positive light), Trusting (trust what they are giving to is worthy), Energetic (they are energized by their giving), Leaders (they are not afraid to lead the battle for a cause). Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started Prior to the course I understood the principle of generosity as being giving of your finances and your time but only ever judged myself on financial giving. This was actually an anomaly as I actually spent more time helping others than I did giving financially but put more value on finances. Having spent time in the course and with my group and mentor I have come to realize that there is no right or wrong in giving time over money or money over time. I have stopped judging myself now and am comfortable with the fact that they both have equal value and that the most important thing is that the giving of time or money is from the heart and for the right reasons. A Significant Christian figure in history who has contributed to this discipline During my study I have been led to read about
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