The Sport And Sport Education Model

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The Sport Education model is something I was never familiar with prior to taking this class. Growing up throughout elementary school and into high school, you don’t really think about the structure of “gym class” you just go and have fun for an hour. The Sport Education model is nothing I was ever exposed to growing up because all of my classes were very teacher centered with instructions. To break it down simply, this model works in seasons and not units. Changing sport to sport each week isn’t how this model is set up because one of the main goals is to form chemistry between the students. Daryl Siedentop developed this curriculum back in 1986 with the understanding it was going to educate students in skills, values and attitudes of good sports. With the three main components of planning, implementation and assessing, this education model is sweeping all upper elementary and high school PE classes.
The Sport Education model has some defining characteristics that make it unique. The first being the framework of sports being implemented into seasons. Each season is typically 12 lessons which promote more depth and understanding of the material. It’s more for the students to do then just show up and participate with no gumption or drive being attached to it. The second would be affiliation, being part of a team for the entire “season” creating a bond between the teammates. Chemistry forms when you are with a group for a certain amount of time, so without knowing

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