The Sports World, A Male-Dominated Field, Has Not Given

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The sports world, a male-dominated field, has not given women enough opportunities to perform and grow at a level equivalent to their male counterparts. In particular, female sports broadcasters continue to bear the brunt of hatred and sexism from male and female critics alike. These critics are making themselves known more and more on social media, especially Twitter. Social media has grown to become this major platform for people to express themselves freely and to reach out to celebrities, athletes and political figures. As more women continue to break through the man’s world of sports broadcasting, the numbers of 140 character opinions are also going up and making headline news. In this day and age, why do women still face…show more content…
The tweets that will make up this study will be placed in categories based on what women are judged on the most: gender and credibility. Past research on this subject took qualitative measures using surveys and interviews. With the increased popularity of Twitter, this is an important study to partake in to demonstrate the impact of social media on the sports broadcasting industry. The tweets represent another measure for researchers to show a broadcaster’s credibility, knowledge and success. This study will show that despite the backlash women face, their rhetoric and experiences will continue to shatter glass ceilings in the world of sports broadcasting.

Women in the Industry
There seems to be an unwritten rule in society that sports is a man’s world and the role of women in this field is to stand on the sidelines or wave pom-poms in the air. Male hegemony plays a key role in the suppression of women in the sports media industry. A “locker room” mentality that is common in sport makes women feel unwelcome in the workplace. Hardin and Shain (2005) surveyed members of the Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM). Women in this group work in sports writing, broadcasting, public relations and more. One set of questions in the survey
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