The Spread Of The Islamic World

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Sofia Kone 3/6/15 WH7/P4 The Spread of the Islamic World Long ago in 610, a man named Muhammad meditated in a cave near Mecca Arabia , and received a religious vision. This vision laid the foundations and a new belief system for an unknown religion, Islam. United by their faith in Allah, Muslims of Arabia succeeded in consolidating their beliefs throughout the Arabian peninsula into the Middle East. After the death of Muhammad, the Islamic state expanded rapidly through a remarkable success of trade, law and order, military conquest, and guiding principles. One of the most fastest consequence of Islam was Military campaigns and conquest. As the conquests of Islam were governed efficiently, military organizations welcomed new people to their religion. According to The Spread of Islam, “by 632, the Muslim territory expanded from Morocco in the West to the Indus River in the East” (Doc C). Additionally,” In the year of 636, the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius gathered an army at the Yarmuk River in Syria to resist the expansion of Islam… When Heraclius massed his troops against the Moslems… The people of the Hims replied (to the Muslims), ‘We like your rule and justice far better than the state of oppression and tyranny in which we are” (Doc F). As unbelievers of this religion in the conquered territories became interested in Islam, the imposition of a tax on all non-Muslims encouraged many to become converts. “As Jews and Christians outside of Arabia worshiped the same God as
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