The Spread Of Zika On Wildlife And Plant Life Essay

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SEIA Statement
The spread of Zika has many on edge and the Florida government has called for aerial spraying to be done multiple times a day. This assessment will evaluate the impact this spraying may have on wildlife and plant life.
Rationale for SEIA
The worry that is surrounding the spread of the Zika virus is spreading throughout the United States as the first cases of Zika have been discovered. Yet, the preemptive measures to ward off the disease are having costly back lashes. Florida, along with many other states, has begun aerial spraying to kill off mosquitoes on contact. Yet, this has had a costly effect on another population in the area…bees. The Social Environmental Impact Assessment will evaluate the long lasting affect that aerial spraying may have on the bee population of Florida and subsequent wildlife and plant life.
Though other states are also performing aerial sprays to kill mosquito populations, this assessment will focus solely in Florida, because all of the locally born cases have accrued in the state. There have been 128 cases reported as of October 12, 2016 in the United states not related to travel (CDC, 2016).
The spread of Zika has many directly identified stakeholders such as women and children. Women who are carriers of Zika can infect unborn children who then may be born with birth defects. The disease can be passed through sexual transmission as well, so men may also be carriers who then infect women. However, humans are not the

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