The Ss And The World War II

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Anchor: Today Channel 13 news is bringing the 70th anniversary of the end of world war 2. Today we have brought in experts on the Gestapo the SS and the SA.

Anchor: We go to our SS expert

Logan: Thank you for having me today.

Anchor: We are glad to have you here. So the crew has a few questions for you. The first question is What was the origin of the SS?

Logan: The SS was formed in 1923 in March, but was outlawed 1923 and legalized again at the end of 1924.

Anchor: That is really cool and our audience has a few questions

Male audience member: What does SS stand for?

Logan: The SS stands for Schutzstaffel which is the protection squad for Adolf Hitler

Anchor: Do we have any more questions in the audience?

*Audience members
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Male Caller: What was the purpose of the Gestapo?

Nya: Well sir the purpose of the Gestapo was to cause destruction which persecuted Germans, and opponents of the regime, and Jews. Later the Gestapo had a role in carrying out the Nazi 's “Final Solution”. When the Gestapo was told to guard the ghettos they had to impose labor, causing starving, and disease in an effort to kill many Jews that inhabited the ghettos

Anchor: Well thank you for your call sir *hangs up phone answers next call* Good morning we are here to answer your questions that you have for the Gestapo?

Female Caller: How did the Gestapo affect life for Jews and non-Jews in Germany?

Nya: The Gestapo affected the life for Jews living Germany because they were able to intimidate people to tell where the Jews were hiding. Also whenever the Gestapo had suspicions about somebody being a threat they could arrest the person and the person arrested had to sign the D-11 paper and if they refused they could be beaten till they signed it or the Gestapo could forge their signature and they would be sent to a concentration camp and depending on what the authorities wanted depended on how long they stayed.

Anchor: Next caller is coming in *hangs up last call answers new call* Good morning how are you? We are ready for your questions

Female caller: I’m doing fantastic, and what was the issue with the Gestapo?

Nya: The issue occurring because of the Gestapo was the killing of Jews and
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