The Standards Of American Education Essay

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As of late, there has been major contention about the standards of American education, one of the major points being the cost to obtain a degree. Current societal standards have condition people to aim for a prestigious degree that will help make it 's holder successful. Of course, society defines success, for an individual, as being highly intelligent, outgoing, wealthy, and family-oriented. Yet, many American citizens are still stuck trying to meet the first item in the success definition. If a person refuses to attend post-secondary school in fear that the certificate of completion will offer no return on investment, or decides to quit due to financial hardships, then how can society uphold its expectation of that person 's success? Much work needs to be done to assuage the fear of a wasted investment, to motivate an individual to continue attending school despite financial difficulties, and to help individuals achieve the expected level of success that comes from higher education. The cost to attend a higher-learning institution is not a set price, where once it is paid it will take care of the purchaser for his or her duration of learning. Tuition costs vary depending on the location of the school, the state where the student is domiciled, the program the student desires to pursue and the change in rate over time. Moreover, fees are included in the cost to maintain the school 's campus, fund student activities, provide housing, and support administration.
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