The Statement By Charles Fried Essay

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Introduction The statement by Charles Fried constitutes an opinion based upon the standard conception, prevalent in our society, which often characterises lawyers as a distinct group of professionals bereft of a moral compass, acting immorally for the benefit of unscrupulous clients “Along with used car dealers and telemarketers, lawyers are considered among the least trustworthy and least respected of all professionals” It is submitted that a lawyer who acts in the best interest of their client, without over-zealousness, in accordance with the law, and within the guidelines stipulated by their professional body will adhere to the moral principles required in a democratic pluralist society. Lawyers who allow their own morals or what they perceive to be “good”, to impede their professional judgement, is neither serving their client or community in the best professional manner. A lawyer is commissioned to be neither a friend of the client nor to make moral judgements, their job is to follow the client’s instruction, provide professional legal advice and act on their behalf in legal proceedings. A lawyer should not purse any unlawful activities and this can be supported by briefly introducing theories on ethics, referencing the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and other statutory provisions; such as anti-money laundering regulations. Ethical Theory & The Role of Lawyers It is relevant, before discussing professional codes of practice, to briefly introduce some of the

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