Why Do You Want To Be A Lawyer Essay

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A lot of people think that everyone who went to law school and got a law degree wants to become a lawyer. It does make sense though, it is a law degree after all. However, there are actually a lot of law degree holders who did not pursue their career as a lawyer. So if you are currently taking up law or just graduated from law school, there is no need to fret, because there are in fact other careers that you could definitely try with your law degree, and here are some of them. “Studying the law and learning to think like a lawyer are transformative but not necessarily in a good way, I have always believed people are born with rough ideas of fairness imprinted on their subconscious. In law school, a new lawyer learns to ignore those ideas, instead, lawyers are taught that procedural rules must take precedence over what a …show more content…

Most lawyers who no longer want to be on the field are trying to pursue a career in teaching as a professor, so this could be another choice for you. “People who are striving to become lawyers aren’t usually doing it because they have a keen interest in law, nor do their care about helping people. To a lawyer, those things are usually not evens secondary, the primary concern for most lawyers centers around how to extract as much money as possible from the client.” Aaron Ross No matter whatever career you decide to pursue, keep in mind that you must not let anyone decide for you or dictate you on whatever you must do. There is a big chance that you will not succeed or will not be happy if you choose a career that you don’t want. Having a law degree is great since it opens up doors to other places because it is very flexible. When the time comes that you want to be a lawyer, then it is never too late. Make sure to follow your heart and mind at all times and you wouldn’t have a

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