The Steps On Rebuilding Your Engine

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This Essay will show you the steps on Rebuilding your engine. The reasons why you might rebuild your engine is because maybe your daily driver has very high miles and is needing an awakening Or you just want to make it a hobby and do it for fun. The art behind rebuilding engines is returning your engine to its original running glory. Engine rebuilding is a complicated task, if you don 't know what you are doing. That 's why most people just have someone else to do it, but that is very expensive. That is the exact point why rebuilding your own engine is so great because of how cheap it is, so knowing what you are doing pays off, literally. Engine rebuilding is also a very good skill to have, you could create a business or find a …show more content…

Then lift the engine of the car but slowey, as you raise the engine make sure any other connections are disconnected to prevent damage to any hardware still connected.

Task #2 Disassembling the engine

Now we begin inspecting and disassembling the engine, first you get a shop manual for your vehicle.This is essential to a rebuild of an engine, Even with a older vehicle, they can be found on ebay or in your closest mechanic shop. The manual will be very helpful to the rebuild, it will show you the specs and instructions on how your engine should look and be built. It can tell you how much your bolts can be torqued to. Torquing your bolts keeps them from stripping or breaking when your engine is running hard. Now inspect your engine, perform a visual diagnosis of all the hardware,pulleys and also check for cracks on any part of your engine it may save you from further spending. Also check casting numbers on the engine to make sure the engine you are working on is the actual engine you 're working on. If you have a manual car check your clutch so see if you finally need to replace if you have an automatic transmission car check your torque converter. To begin to the disassembling of the engine assure the oil and any other fluid is all drained out. After that remove the oil pan that sits below the engine. Have a pan ready to catch any

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