The Story Of Kleto Beach

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Tommy drove them in his car because Kleto Beach MegaVilla was in fact more than a couple ten miles south of Santa Fe. It was also situated nowhere near a beach, contrary to the title of the resort. But as its name correctly implied, it was indeed an enormous resort. Situated on the top of a vast hill hundreds of acres wide, Kleto Beach overlooked beautiful forests and artificial lakes. It consisted of ten separate mini-villages, each village pieced together with the presupposition that it would house a renter and his or her family, and servants. Originally, it was constructed as a vacation spot for politicians, but gradually, as government power gradually shifted from a democracy to a dictatorship, politicians became less and less common; …show more content…

Yell my name if you see something odd happening. I’ll try to return though. Here, take this. I trust you.” He pushed a T-70 laser pistol into Don’s hands. Saul himself had a heavy 100-20 semi-automatic laser shotgun he had salvaged from the Airs. They pulled into a street with a sign that said “4”—the Boss’s favored mini-village as it overlooked a massive manmade lake and a view of the mountains. The Boss might be a monster, but he still had a great taste in nature. They stopped at a huge two-story mansion set near the edge of a cliff. Tommy, who was still in his underwear, put on some pants as Saul hid his shotgun inside his coat, motioning to Don to do likewise. Finally, they exited the car and strolled up to the door. Nodding at two security officers blockading the door, Tommy showed them his credentials. “They’re with me.” He said, indicating to Saul and Don. Without wasting a beat, he punched in a code opening the door. Inside, it was brightly lit with a few servants bustling about. The servants’ work, along with the night, was winding down. As they made their way through the massive house, servants gave them suspicious glares, setting Saul on alert. When they passed through the dark and empty library, Saul and Don dropped a few paces behind Tommy. Just as they were about to leave the library and enter a hallway, Saul tapped Don’s shoulder lightly. Instantly, Don turned sharply into the library and disappeared without a sound, leaving

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