The Story Of Papi In Short Story : Festa, 1980

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Papi was one of the most influential character in the short story known as “FIESTA, 1980” narrated by Yunior. He was also known for his unfaithful life toward his wife, cruelty and negative behavior against his son Yunior for being carsick several times and puked the moment he accelerated the gas of his brand-new lime green Volkswagen van above twenty miles per hour which was bought to impress the family members. The story involved immigrant family from Dominican Republic who lived in new jersey and were attending family party in Bronx New York City in Yunior aunt’s home. The family consists of Papi and Momi(parents), Yunior who was middle son, Rafa who was older than Yunior then Madai was youngest. Everyone was ready to leave for the party waiting Papi arrival from “work” in the beginning but later was suspected to be coming back from his girlfriend (the Puerto Rican woman) as he rushed into shower to remove the indication of being with a woman. Yunior states that “he didn’t say nothing to nobody, not even my mom. He just pushed past her, held up his hand when she tried to talk to him and headed right into shower”. Then Rafa and his brother looked at each other and both assumed their dad had been with another woman. This issue of his infidelity had avoided in the house. Papi after finishing shower the first thing he did was confirming if his sons had eaten, “have they eaten?” he asked his wife and she replied by nodding her head where as they were not supposed eat due to

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