The Story Of The Movie Ends With The Scenes

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The movie ends with the scenes that show the characters who continue to struggle with their lives without meaning and direction. Veronica and Simon do not realize what could be the best for them to live a constructive life and refigure their future in a hopeful way, but seem to look for a place of transcendence in their ongoing casual sexual discourses amidst the meaninglessness that haunts their lives. The atheist doctor Frank Harte still does not find the incomparable value of a human life while treating his patients. Brendan is frustrated by his financial crisis and more fundamentally the failure of self-achievement that results from the problem. Their lives continue as if the death of Father James would not mean anything to their lives. However, the story of genuine forgiveness and hope should remain in their memory and continue to tell them: “Realize that you are loved and you are better than your actions!” They are always invited to realize the meaning of Father James’ death. As they do so, they would also be able to feel the authentic embrace and be restored to their sense of dignity. Also, like Father James, they would be liberated from the spirit of detachment and live out a life of “the spirit of forgiveness and embrace.” This is not easy, but there is a flickering light of hope that was ignited by Father James and Fiona. The Spirit of Christ never ceases to transform Jack’s and other parishioners’ lives in pathetic but liberative presence. 6.3. A

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