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In the essays that we have been reading, there is a consist theme that has been occuring. This consist theme has been that there are people who are in power, and that their conscience has been covered by hot iron, becuase their minds are being controlled by their love for money, and that they have screwed up the way that the world works in the pursuit of money. The first assignment that we had was to watch the “Story of Stuff” and then had to talk about it. In the “Story of Stuff”, the main idea was that corporations cared about one thing and one thing only, making the most money, even if that meant destroying human lives and destroying the planet. In the next assignment, we had to read Naomi Klein’s essay “No Logo”, in which she tells us…show more content…
Klein tells us that the brand process only works if people are as loyal to brand as they are loyal to their family. And that is why they have created famous brand logos that create the same emotions as seeing your loved ones, thus they have been messing with the mental healty of this country and the world. But they then realized that people in fact care more about their real loved ones than the images that are on boxes that are thrown in the trash. This was shown on Marlboro Friday, a day when it was said that led to them screaming that "all brand names were dead"(Klein 13). Becuase this was not a reaction to "single incident. Rather, it was the culmination of years of escalaing anxirty in the face of some rather dramatic shifts in consumer habits that were seen"(Klein 13). And this change in consumer's habits was due to the fact that consumers were breaking their "brand loyalties and choosing to feed their families with private label brands from the supermarket"(Klein 14). And this tells me that they were choosing to rebel against the brand images that were being shoved down their throats. And this caused a huge wake-up to the corporations that were being driven by their insane love for money. But this was only temporany, for they then made a back-up plan
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