The Story of Sig and His Father Essay

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Sig the son of eniar who is dead now and was founded by his son. The boy was still looking at his Father who is dead now and only Looking and thinking. He wonders why his father is out on the ice. His father always took a trail around the ice not through it. Before dig left he was waiting for his father to return and his sisters, anna and maria and his step mother nadya was getting the bath ready. His mother died at while ago of a disease and his father later remarried. Once a week they would boil water and pour it into a tin tub.This was the time when sig would always enjoy himself most because his father would always say advice to sig. While waiting sig decides to meet his father halfway home on the trail. Walking on the trail he saw …show more content…

He said the business was that enier owed him gold. This was something enier and Wolff made a deal about years ago. Then in present time Wolff got so angry that he pulled out a gun. He showed this gun multiple times to sig. He got ready to shoot sig when sig screamed that he has a idea. He said there may be something about his gold on the ice where they found eniers body. He said there were papers around there that may have something on it. Enier and sigs went but first he had to tie up his sister with rope. When they got out to the ice and then back they saw that Anna was gone. Wolff punched sig and then said where is she then she showed up. She was thrown across the room and she said to sig she couldn't find it which was eniers gun. Sig had moved it to behind a door. Knowing that they were about to be killed so sig got up and said shoot me but got hit in the head instead. Wolff said that he wasn't leaving emptied handed and grabbed Anna and got ready to rape her when sigs grabbed the gun and pointed it at Wolff. Anna left for help and heard a gunshot, sig missed and smiled he said he wasn't a murder and Wolff took the gun off sig loaded it and shot it at sig but it exploded in his hand. Sig ran after Anna and Wolff followed. They ran onto the ice Wolff fell through it. Sig said to wolff that is it my problem because before when sig got hurt by wolff ,sig said help me and wolff responded is it my problem. The genre of revolver is

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