The Game of Dodgeball Should be Banned from Schools Essay example

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Do you want to abolish dodge ball? Is it really an apt game? Do you want your children to play this eradication activity? Dodge ball is perceived differently by many diverse individuals. Dodge ball has its pros and cons, but what do you think? While some critics covet it, others do not, like myself, who deems that this hazardous game is not a pertinent exercise for juvenile students. From the article, “Position on Dodgeball in Physical Education”, “NASPE believes that dodge ball is not an appropriate activity for K-12 school physical education programs.” While tag and other physical education activities may include gentle use, dodge ball has a heterogeneous amount of factors that could cause injury, both mentally and physically. “… being …show more content…

Even if the weak-link knows that they are weak, it will not help them deal with it, because it may be a physical condition that they cannot change, such as height or obesity. In the article, “Position on Dodgeball in Physical Education”, there is natter of “… developing and executing extreme strategies to annihilate opponents”, which also does not help the less swift child to move out of the pathway quick enough. This fixture is also a “… means of practicing some important physical skills…”, says “The Weak Shall Inherit the Gym”. However, dodge ball only benefits the confident kids, since they already do not have any limitations, whereas a more mentally or physically challenged child would. Dodge ball’s supporters claim that “They (the anti-Dodge ball critics) want their Ambers and their Alexanders to grow up in a cozy womb of noncompetition…” However, decriers argue that this harsh exercise “… encourages the best to pick on the weak.” It is not the noncompetitive versus the competitive, but rather the confident versus the non-sprightly. “Position on Dodgeball in Physical Education” says that, “Activities such as relay races, dodge ball, and elimination tag provide limited opportunities for everyone in the class, especially the slower, less agile students…” They oppose to the idea that all kids like this sport, since the limits are more towards the plumper or challenged children. They say, “Some kids may like it - the most skilled, the most

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