The Strong, Gentle And Wise

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The Strong, Gentle and Wise: Anna Caroline Maxwell
Under the guide of Linda Richard in 1876 to graduating, to becoming a co-founder of a nursing university in 1892, to army-nurse, saving hundreds from a disease in the Spanish-American war of 1898, and finally becoming a caring leader creating an environment for new nurses, and teaching fellow nurses the appropriate way to care for their patients. Anna Maxwell has gone through various challenges in the span of her early nursing career. Becoming a strong historical figure in the late nineteen hundreds, but still having the gentleness of a nurse to care for her patients.
Anna Caroline Maxwell, born March 14, 1851, in Bristol, New York moved to Canada along her family during her young years
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Subsequently after graduation, Maxwell’s nursing career escalated magnificently.
Maxwell was referred to New York and established a training system at Montreal General Hospital immediately after graduation. Although for six months, Maxwell worked effortlessly to try and change the old standards of the hospital conditions, but she did not succeed, because she was “work[ing] with managers and doctors not ready to make proper concessions for a school, with poor living conditions, no arrangement for the education of the students, and with few applicants for entrance as probationers” (Lipponcott, 1921). Therefore, she moved to England for three months and visited various hospitals to understand their living conditions, so she could return to New York and construct an improved plan for Montreal Hospital. Once Maxwell returned to American the following year though Kenny (n.d) states Maxwell was hired as superintendent in Massachusetts General Hospital’s Training School for Nurses in Montreal, Boston from 1881-1889. While in Boston, Maxwell immensely improves the hospital, such as “a nurses ' residence was built, a library for the school was established, nurses were relieved of many housekeeping duties, and there was a noticeable improvement in the type of young woman applying for entrance” (Conrad, 1971). As a result
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