Essay The Stroop Word-Color Test

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In this Stroop experiment we attempt to investigate the inference in perception by showing 20 participants a Stroop color model and a controlled black and white model and compare the reaction times of the two.
Stroop investigated in interference in perception demonstrating perception is a dynamic process open to influence. The Stroop word-color test can be modified into other languages other than English, thereby demonstrating how the Stroop Effect "works" across a range of languages, i.e. it is cross-cultural.
In the traditional Stroop effect, naming the print color of a word is delayed if the word itself is a color word which names a different color (e.g., responding "red" to the word "blue" displayed in red letters is …show more content…

Word colour incongruence will not slow word recognition.

Method: Design:
The variables we are presented with in this experiment are a dependent variable, and independent variable, and a controlled variable. The independent variable is the interference in perception put to use by changing the color of the words. The dependent variable is the processing and this is put to use by the time taken to read the words.
There are no ethical considerations in this experiment because all participants were debriefed and signed a consent form, and no psychological or physical harm was done.

The target population was 11th graders and teachers from UNIS (The United Nations International School in Hanoi). The participants come from all different parts of the world to ensure diversity and eliminate any cultural bias or concerns. The participants were both male and female and their ages ranged from 16 to 45. This sample was an opportunity sample because it was the most convenient and hassle free method of collecting data in the amount of time we had.
Clint Hamada
Karen Hafner
Robert DeAbreu
Heather Buck
Wayne Hodgkinson
Steve Powers
Melissa Griffin
Julie Shaw
Ali Shebani
Jeremy Thompson
Nivedita DHuys
Mana Kanatsu
Matthew Rickard
Mikaela Westwood
Nadia Asmal
Jennifer Mullen
Liza Gatineau
Peter Reardon
Mandy Baxter

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