The Structure Of The Nursing Department At My Office

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The structure of the nursing department at my office is pretty simple. We currently have a director of clinical services who oversees all of the nurses, aides, care, and day to day activities. She is also responsible for delegating admissions, as needed visits and organizing our weekly interdisciplinary team meeting. The director of clinical services works closely with our patient care manager who mainly does admissions, quality control things such as reviewing charts and chart audits, and helps the director of clinical services with daily actuates of the office. Then last is the RN case managers who are responsible for the care of their patient load, nursing visits, monitoring and assessing patients, contacting doctors as needed and being sure the patient has everything they need to be comfortable. The nursing department at my office uses the decentralized model of organization philosophies. The decentralized model states that “decision making is diffused throughout the organization (Huber, 2014, p. 247).” I believe this is true because most decisions are made with and by the team at my workplace. An example was just the other day my director of clinical services was informing us that since we are growing and have had a very good census for a while now, we may hire more RN’s. She asked the entire team if they would want on call RN’s or more case managers, she was asking because she knows we have all been very busy especially with on call lately. The consensus among the team…
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