The Structure Of The Nursing Department At My Office

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The structure of the nursing department at my office is pretty simple. We currently have a director of clinical services who oversees all of the nurses, aides, care, and day to day activities. She is also responsible for delegating admissions, as needed visits and organizing our weekly interdisciplinary team meeting. The director of clinical services works closely with our patient care manager who mainly does admissions, quality control things such as reviewing charts and chart audits, and helps the director of clinical services with daily actuates of the office. Then last is the RN case managers who are responsible for the care of their patient load, nursing visits, monitoring and assessing patients, contacting doctors as needed and being …show more content…

So, the director of clinical services went with what we wanted and placed an ad for on call nurses. I believe this shows that the decisions are made more as a team, and the decisions are not coming from the “upper levels” so to speak, which is more like a centralized model (Huber, 2014). One last example of the use of the decentralized model in my workplace is that we as case managers are not under chronic supervisor and have the freedom to make needed choices without having to constantly check with our supervisor. An example of this is if I get a call from a patient who is in need of a visit, and I have someone scheduled, I have the trust of my supervisor to make the decisions I need to without checking with her first. There are pros and cons to both decentralized and centralized philosophies and each probably works well depending on the organization. Pros and cons of Nursing Model As with anything there are pros and cons, and this is the same for nursing models. The first pro to the decentralized model that my workplace uses is that the nurses at the lower level are able to make their own decisions and be trusted with those decisions by higher management. I believe this shows that my workplace really trusts the nurses that they hire. This supports the decentralized model because typically the decentralized style is decisions made at the lower level with little

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