The Success Of Apple : The Major Critical Success Factor For Apple

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Analysis the success of Apple The major critical success factor for Apple is the innovation. "Small innovations can change the world", this phrase encompasses Apple 's design philosophy and development strategy. Originally, the iPod has no revolutionary innovation in its function, thus it did not cause a huge response at first. In the first months of 2003, Apple suffered a cold winter, with the market value dropped to about $ 6 billion. In this critical moment, the iTunes was born. Some people commented that, iTunes is the most revolutionary and innovative products ever in Apple 's history. (Bergvall-Kåreborn & Howcroft., 2013) It brings enormous commercial value of Apple. ITunes can not only be defined as a piece of software, but it has changed people 's behavior - download and organize music since then has become extremely fast and easy. This innovation made Apple to enter the coveted music market. By just three years, the “iPod + iTunes” combination created nearly 10 billion revenues. Further in 2007, Apple has a new innovative products introduced to the market - the iPhone. The product includes lots of innovative design, from its hardware control to the software system. Apple again developed software together with the hardware, by introducing the App Store on iPhone. This creates a strong synergy and add much value the consumers. After from the innovation, the customers’ relationship is also another key success factors for Apple. The after sales service is well

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