The Success Of Burton 's Snowboards Started Selling From The Back Of A Car

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Burton’s Snowboards began selling from the back of a car. The company’s success is shocking looking at the startup and market that Jake Burton Carpenter entered into. Carpenter had the goal of becoming rich and found a way to do so through hard work, pride, and a couple pieces of wood. The snowboards he made in the beginning were poorly designed and did not sell because he had no interested customers. The industry he was trying to sell in did not yet exist, so he had to make it. Finally finding the right target market and a place to use his products his snowboards began to soar in popularity. Carpenter had to fight to have snowboards allowed on the slopes. Through his determination and early morning snowboarding sessions with his most loyal customers he was able to breakdown the reluctant resorts and hit their slopes. However, once the public sees one company do well they decide its time to join the market. Competition began to pop up, as snowboarding became an international market. Carpenter then had to ensure his spot in the competitive global market by problem solving quicker than his competitors. Today, his business is still the best snowboard company in the market. The main issue facing his company today is not just staying on top, but remaining in business. The popularity of the sport rose so quickly and gained professional status in the nineties, but today the youth are beginning to look towards other equipment. Carpenter has to find a way to ensure that

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