The Success Of My Parent And The Positive Effects It Has Had On My Family Essay

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The success of my parent and the positive effects it has had on my family has been a real blessing. My parents struggled in their early lives, but managed to find their way to the top through hard work and determination. Both of my parents lived in Mexico tell there teenage years. My father was the youngest of nine he was born and raised in a suburb to Monterey Mexico called Cienega De Flores. It was a pretty good size city probably the size of Edmond they had a good economy, but just like any other town they had the people that were less fortunate. My mother was almost the middle child she was the sixth child she was raised in a small town in the mountain called Los Leones in Chihuahua. Where she lived was a very small community everybody knew everybody not that big not very developed town only maybe a couple hundred people with maybe one convenient store if I can remember right. My father had the opportunity to actually get to finish high school while on the other hand my mother only got to go to school tell the seventh grade. After my father finished school he began to work in a meat market and that was his job he maintained tell he came over to the United States. When my mother stopped going to school she stayed around the house and helped my grandmother with whatever she needed and helped take care of her younger siblings. School wasn’t really a big priority in Mexico because you didn’t go to school unless you had money that is why my mother stopped going at an early

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