The Sugar Conspiracy Summary

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Dietary decisions are frequently impressionable and can sway between generations or cultures frequently. Often these shifts in the popular beliefs about diet are fueled by scientific studies or doctors, you can simply examine the impact of Dr. Oz T.V. program or remember the popularity of the Atkins diet to see how quickly these shifts can happen. One such claim that can be found is that, high levels of dietary cholesterol is the leading cause of heart disease and obesity. Katherine Pett of Nutrition Wonk examines a trend within the scientific community in which over simplification and misrepresentation can skew work that has existed for over half of a decade. In her research review, Ancel Keys and the Seven Countries Study: A Response to “The Sugar Conspiracy.” Ms. Pett makes the argument that there is a trend to criticize the work of Dr. Ancel Keys which is credited with …show more content…

She challenges the basic assumption of the work by Ian Leslie, in which he seemingly claims that because sugar is the true cause of health issues in Dr. Key’s findings that his work should be discredited. Pett correctly points out that dietary decisions are rarely so objectively one sided, and instead postulates that perhaps both sugar and saturated fats could produce similar effects. The statement made earlier in this paper, “high levels of dietary cholesterol is the leading cause of heart disease and obesity” is troubling. Primarily due to what a statement of such simplicity represents. If dietary choices were so simple obesity and heart disease would not have gone unchecked for a generation of American’s who increased their consumption of both sugar, and unsaturated fats. Indeed, strict scientific review, and contextualized in-depth analysis are the only way to tease out accurate understandings in helping people make more informed decisions about what they

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