The Supernatural Fandom: Cult

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“The Supernatural Fandom-Cult” A normal person would look at some rock salt, a trench coat, or an old black muscle car as everyday objects, but a Supernatural fan sees so much more. “I think ‘cult’ is probably a fair term to apply to the Supernatural fandom,” Misha Collins, who plays the angel Castiel in the show, said in an interview with Larry King (Collins). These particular fans are some of the most dedicated and loyal fans that exist. The Supernatural fandom is unique in a lot of ways, such as the pentagrams and sigils that adorn their clothing that earns them confused and even frightened looks from passersby, but that does not deter from the fan’s outward pride in the show. The Supernatural fandom culture is often seen as strange by…show more content…
Shipping is defined as, “supporting or having a particular interest in a romantic pairing between two characters in a fictional series, often when this relationship is one portrayed by fans rather than depicted in the series itself” (Google). There are many characters, mostly secondary or reoccurring, in Supernatural which lead to many different relationship pairings. One popular pairing is the fandom-created relationship between Dean Winchester and the angel, Castiel. This pairing has escalated in popularity, being named the most popular ship on Tumblr, and the most written about pair on the popular fanfiction website, Archive of Our Own. The men that play Dean and Castiel, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins, have even been nominated for, and proceeded to win the Teen Choice Award for Best TV Chemistry 2015 (“Check out…”). This couple is very popular among some in the fandom, but strikes a nerve in others. There have been ongoing debates on the romantic and sexual preference of Dean Winchester, whether he is heterosexual, or bisexual. The show has not outright said what his preference is, although it is known that Dean has dated women. Although the relationship between Dean and Castiel is not directly canon – meaning actually apparent in the show – many fans will fight to prove that the relationship between them is actually there. However, whether this relationship is friendly, romantic, or…show more content…
A post on Tumblr makes a valid point in saying, “Where the three main characters are male. Where a good majority of the side-characters are male. Where a majority of the female side characters they do have are either dead or a lesbian. And where the people in charge of the show can’t fathom why the fans are so obsessed with shipping two of the male characters together. (“Supernatural:”)” The lack of living heterosexual female characters isn’t the only reason why the majority of this fandom feel such a connection between Dean and Castiel, and also question Dean’s romantic and sexual preferences. One such reason is Dean Winchester’s clear infatuation with Dr. Sexy M.D. in the Season 5 episode, Changing Channels (Carver). As Dr. Sexy strides towards Dean in the television-hospital drama, entitled Dr. Sexy M.D., Dean becomes visibly flustered and excited, as if he is being talked to by his
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