The Supreme Court Cases That Have Shaped Our Interpretation Of The Constitution

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Antoine Malfroy-Camine
Politics 117b Midterm Essay
October 29, 2015
Throughout United States history, there have been countless supreme court cases that have shaped our interpretation of the Constitution; these cases have ultimately led to the way we live our modern day lives with respect to civil rights, government policies, and commerce. Moreover, various Supreme Court cases have provided insight on how the Legislative and Executive branches must operate in order to create and sustain a fair and representative democracy. Schechter v. United States, Yakus v.United States, and Mistretta v. United States, three incredibly high-profile supreme court cases, are perfect examples; these cases address the issue of the nondelegation of legislative powers and whether or not it is constitutional for Congress to delegate certain powers to other branches of the United States government. We will examine these three cases individually and determine if delegation is forbidden under the Constitution or legal under certain circumstances.
Every Supreme Case that has taken place within the United States Judicial System has revolved around one crucial theme: the interpretation of Constitutional text; the very reason why the Judicial Branch exists is to interpret the Constitution that was written centuries ago. More specifically, Schechter v. United States, Yakus v.United States, and Mistretta v. United States focused mainly on the constitutional doctrine of the non-delegation of legislative

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