The Survey On The Forrester Happiness Survey

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The researcher hypothesized that participants who scored higher on the Cooley Happiness Survey (CHS) lived happier lives then those who had lower scores. The researcher first conducted the convenience sample over a duration of about two weeks then an analysis of the data was conducted. The data showed that 31 participants had opened the survey however, a total of 5 participant’s surveys were removed due to incomplete data (3 due to dropout, 2 due to miss question[s]). This was done to prevent the possibility of skewing the results thus making the results invalid. This left a total 26 respondents whose data was used in the analysis. The researcher then reverse coded a total of 7 questions (Questions 4, 7-10, 17, & 19). The …show more content…

This might indicate that there was a low amount of reliability between the two questions. There were also many questions that indicated a strong inter-item correlation in having a significant positive correlation to each other ranging from .300 to 1.00. This shows an amount of reliability between items. This shows that the test sample did have a level of content validity, which means that the items on the test represent the entire range of possible items that the test should cover. The researcher found that his Cronbach’s Alpha was .749, which, is reasonably high and high enough to be considered valid (above .700). This means that the CHS had enough validity in its analysis to measure a person’s overall level of happiness compared to other participants. Based on the demographic information that was collected, there were many more women then men who took the survey. The demographic information also concluded that there was many more Caucasian that took the survey compared to other ethnicities. Both of these problems could have reduced the amount of validity of the researcher 's analysis. The researcher however, did not separate respondents statistics based on demographic because it was not deemed essential in measuring a person’s overall level happiness. Discussion The researcher believes that the participants who scored higher on the CHS convenience sample would have a

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