The Swarm of Paparazzi

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Paparazzi Paparazzi are people that celebrities are always swarmed by and they can become too aggressive to get that one perfect picture, but why? Paparazzi are photographers that go far beyond what may be appropriate to others to get these photos, whether it is crashing a formal party, following celebrities in a car, or even breaking into the home of the celebrities. Paparazzi can get a large amount of money for these photos that they sell to tabloids that want these sometimes embarrassing and cruel photos. Paparazzi can become too close for comfort and they should have laws and restrictions on how far they can go to get the latest pictures and news because the celebrities have no privacy and due to the past events within society. The intention of the paparazzi is to take the best photo that will sell for the greatest amount of money. However these ordinary people still have to abide by the laws that the rest of the world lives by, but unfortunately they never seem to follow these crucial and necessary restrictions. The people within society never thought that paparazzi could get this bad to the point in which celebrities were pressing charge, getting into full scale brawls, and breaking laws. The paparazzi of the past never thought that the present-day paparazzi would be so vicious. “The paparazzi care about sales above and beyond all other considerations” (Howe 17). This is far beyond a true statement, it’s a fact.
A man by the name of Ron Galella once said, “If

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