The Symbolism Of Faith In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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Young Goodman Brown is an appropriate story to compare to clichés and how after time the sayings lose their meanings. The symbolism in this story is remarkable in the way that they used it, but only people from their day really understood what they were really saying.
In the story Faith, is Browns wife, and a good symbol in this story that’s used is his faith in god. As stated in the story, "Then god bless you, may you find am well when you come back"(page1) His faith in god is strong and the way he shows it is strenuous till one day he abandons his faith in god.
The staff of the devil in the story is a great contribution towards the story, it shows that the devil as a serpent. "his snake-like staff"(page2) When the devil tells goodman brown

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