The Syrian Conflict And The Arab Conflict

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The Syrian Conflict is undoubtedly the most debated and most heart wrenching controversy today. We all feel melancholy and an intense sadness when we hear about what is happening in Syria. Millions of hashtags like #syria, #Syria Crisis, #Syria War and #SyrianRefugees are used in this trending topic. But do we really understand the stories behind the hashtags and are we really doing anything to help our fellow human beings? Do we actually fathom the graveness of the situation and most importantly, do we as human beings grasp the tragedy of the whole conflict? Today, I am honoured to be here at this years International Human Rights Youth Summit to talk to and inspire other like-minded youth, I am honoured to be making a difference, but most…show more content…
As of 2013, due to foreign involvement, the war is called a proxy war, a multi-sided war where neither country directly engages with another. I will now be playing a short video that outlines and explains the key events of this conflict and it will also help you grasp just how elaborate and unsolvable the Syrian Conflict is. {, 5:00} Now we are able to recognize that there are a lot of groups and outside countries involved in Syria’s war and even among allies there are many disagreements on who their enemies are, who to support and how to do it. These contradictions are the major reasons why for this war, there is no end in sight. During the five years of this dispute, Syria’s civil war had resulted in an estimated 200,000 Syrian casualties. Approximately 11 million other people were forced to flee their homes as violence and chaos engulfed their communities. Along the way both Syria’s government and various rebel forces are accused of war crimes. These include kidnapping, rape, torture and murder. [1]. At least 28,277 civilians have died in shootings and mass killings [5]. In one case documented by the United Nations, there was a killing of more than 100 people, including at least 49 children in Homs on May 25, 2012 [5]. Most were shot at close range. At least 18,866 civilians were killed in Syrian government air attacks [5]. At
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