The Syrian Conflict And The Arab Conflict

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The Syrian Conflict is undoubtedly the most debated and most heart wrenching controversy today. We all feel melancholy and an intense sadness when we hear about what is happening in Syria. Millions of hashtags like #syria, #Syria Crisis, #Syria War and #SyrianRefugees are used in this trending topic. But do we really understand the stories behind the hashtags and are we really doing anything to help our fellow human beings? Do we actually fathom the graveness of the situation and most importantly, do we as human beings grasp the tragedy of the whole conflict?
Today, I am honoured to be here at this years International Human Rights Youth Summit to talk to and inspire other like-minded youth, I am honoured to be making a difference, but most importantly, I am privileged to be giving a voice to our brothers and sisters in Syria who are suffering due to political tragedy. The Syrian Conflict is an ongoing war with multiple sides and several international interferences taking place [2]. The first shots of the Syrian War began on 25 March 2011 where there was a series of peaceful demonstrations that were part of the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring is a revolutionary wave of violent and non-violent protests across the Arab World. President Bashar al-Assad responded to these protests with belligerent crackdowns and military sieges [3] and the conflict eventually changed from a series of nationwide protests to an armed rebellion [4]. After this, a series of events led to the situation…
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