The Tale Of A Story : The Story Of My Story

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The story I am about to tell you is all very true and is about the story of my life…in a shorter way of saying it. Therefore, my story might motivate you about some things that you will probably have on mind, so read closely. The beginning of my story starts out with the letter “I.” The real “My Story”

I used to live in a town called Yankton, or at least that’s where I remember living by the time I started to remember things. You see, there are things I cannot remember, like when I was born, or when my first Christmas was, or when we had our first barbeque cook out. But, what I do remember was when I first moved to Yankton. My family had made many friends and so did I! I went to a school district named Beadle School. It was like a huge sanctuary to hide out in, it was bigger than any school here! I was amazed, but where I lived (Yankton, in case you forgot), there were like, six elementary schools there, and Beadle is the one my sister and I went to. It was pretty fun, but there were so many rules there. One rule I didn’t understand, was you couldn’t have gum there, and if you had a whole pack there, you would be in detention for a week or two, it sucked. Those teachers were very aggressive. The other rule was that when you wait on the playground for your parents you can’t go on the actual slides and stuff unless your parents were there to watch you, you could only go on the lame swings, but to be honest, some other kids plus me thought that the principal, Mr.

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