The Teacher Leadership Compensation Model Essay

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Review of Related Literature Chapter 2 provides a review of the literature pertaining to educational leadership, including general theoretical concepts of effective leaders, trends in educational leadership, effective personal leadership traits of school leaders, and the Iowa Teacher Leadership Compensation model. First, this review provides a foundation by examining theoretical concepts in general leadership theories. It focuses on historical trends in general leadership as we as general personal leadership traits of effective leaders.
Next, this review provides an overview of educational leadership by examining trends in educational leadership, specifically the teacher’s role in school leadership, and effective personality traits of school leaders. It will focus on principal and teacher perceptions of effective personal leadership traits.Perceptions provide validity to an individual’s ability to lead others. Perceptions can often be a stronger indicator of a successful leader than the end product. The end product can often be affected by outside factors; perception is often a reflection of reality. Finally, chapter 2 will commence with an overview of the Teacher Leadership Compensation model as it pertains to evolving educational leadership. This state-funded leadership model provides compensation to teachers as a means of providing leadership opportunities and improving retention. Programs, such as this, provide guidance and opportunity to help continue the trend of

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