The Teacher Reprimanded - Dangerous For Who?

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"Do you know how dangerous it was to leave alone?" the teacher reprimanded. Dangerous for who? I could kill her before she could even scream "vampire". "I 'm sorry," I said, my head hanging low. The teacher kept ranting as students piled inside the school bus and we made our way back. The entire time I kept thinking about that slayer. Darjeeling was far more dangerous than we estimated. Pa picked me up at the school. "We have to leave," I said in the car. Pa gave a sideways glance and nodded. "I don 't like this place either," Pa said quietly. We rode to our house, ready to flee. Pa wanted to shift to Alaska, but I voted for Sweden. We decided to leave it to Ma to finalize which location. As soon as we reached our house, something smelled fishy. The front door stood ajar. Pa 's eyebrows furrowed and confusion crossed his features. A loud shriek alarmed us. Ma. Pa ran and I followed right behind. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw Ma on the ground, crying. Half a stake was buried through her chest, held by a human. Pa tore the person away from Ma, slamming him into the wall and burying his fangs in the man 's neck without another thought. I rushed to Ma. The stake wasn 't completely through, still the pain levels elevated for her. I cautiously took it out, half in tears. My mother was staked! She cried in agony and her body went limp. She wasn 't dead but paralyzed. Pa joined me, his eyes glowing

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