The Teacher 's Lounge And On A Field Trip Essay

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I have been observing the classroom of (Ms. Science) at (Semi-rural High School). She teaches two subjects within the science department, Biology and Forensics, as well is the department head and member of the Leadership team for the school. Over the course of her duties in these classes, (Ms. Science) is constantly confronted by ethical decisions and moral quandaries presented by students, fellow faculty, parent, administrators and the general situation of the school environment. While her moral quandaries are internal and carefully kept as such, her ethical decisions can be observed and compared to the Code of Ethics for Educators as set forth by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission in their Rule 505-6-.01. While I was not fortunate enough to observe (Ms. Science) interact with parents or administrators, I have been able to observe her interactions with students and other faculty both inside the classroom, in the teacher’s lounge and on a field trip. As we look at some of the situations I have observed, we will compare the actions to the Code of Ethics for Educators, discuss whether the action was ethical or unethical and why, and attempt to explain why the action was taken in any case. The first scenario we will discuss occurred on an out of town field trip coordinated by (Ms. Science) with a few other teachers in attendance with selected students from their classes. This trip, to an exhibit in (metropolitan state capitol), involved a ten-hour trip and lunch was

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