The Teenage Sex Life And The Understanding These Teenagers

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Ellen Wittlinger grabbed my attention with her groundbreaking novel targeting a racy topic which includes the teenage sex life and the understanding these teenagers have. She wrote about what most authors would be to afraid to tackle and even did so from a teenage point of view. Wittlinger pushed some boundaries and touched on subjects one may be hesitant to speak of aloud. The protagonist and main character of the book is Sandpiper Ragsdale. Sandpiper is 15 years old and attends high school like many other teens her age, but her life isn’t so simple. At this school, Sandpiper has given herself a bad reputation. She has lost her few friends because she is known for hooking up with a lot of different guys; a problem that will come back and affect her later. Sandpiper doesn’t take into account the boy’s feelings when she leaves them out of boredom. At home, Sandpiper’s parents have been divorced for a while. Her father cheated on her mother who was distraught, but has now met someone else. This leaves her estranged from her father. Sandpiper isn’t sure if she likes her new stepfather or stepsister, but is prepared to tolerate both of them. Daisy, her younger sister, and her argue a lot and don’t see eye to eye very much. Sandpiper sees her little sister as young and clueless, while Daisy sees Sandpiper as dull and too grown up for her actual age. Sandpiper is feeling pretty alone until she gets saved from a potentially messy situation by a boy known as the Walker. Walker will

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