The Tension Between Germany And Greece

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The tension between Germany and Greece has been ongoing for years. Both countries continuously blame each other for issues that are going on within the EU. Germany views its self as the country that has worked hard and sacrificed a lot to become a successful country, but on the other hand there is Greece who is viewed as lazy and irresponsible which has landed them in debt. One of the biggest issues that Germany and Greece both have with each other is the European Union Debt crisis, and who is to blame for this. Some look to Germany to blame because they are the most powerful economy on the continent and they are the ones who continuously lend money out to a struggling Greece. Then there are those who blame Greece because they keep borrowing money and they do not have the capacity to pay back the loans that are given to them, which further entrenches them into debt. The EU debt crisis has many factors involved, so therefore neither Greece nor Germany is whole hardily responsible.
Not too long ago Germany was a country that was slow growing and had high unemployment rates. It was not the powerhouse that people often associate it with being today. As of today many things on the continent begin and end with Germany as it has become looked at as the big brother. Since Germany has become a powerhouse in Europe many have blamed them for the economic turmoil that different countries are going through “German export performance and the sustained pressure for moderate wage increases

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