The Tensions Between Terrorism And Islamic Terrorism

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It is no secret that religious backgrounds play a significant role in politics. The idea of a secular government is a common thought, but the reality is that each country is based on religious beliefs—morals. The United States of America and Europe, though they claim to be secular, clearly derive their laws and ideals from that of Christianity. Islamic countries are controlled primarily by Sharia Law, which is obviously derived from Islam. The Jewish nation has strived for an extremely long time to form their own state in order to practice their own beliefs on their own turf with their own politics. Religions long for politics to reflect them, and politics long for religious ideals to follow, whether they wish to admit it or not. Religion…show more content…
The second topic that fits under politics and religion is that of the recent European immigration crisis. After a surge in Islamic immigration into Germany, a great number of natives are migrating out. Since Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed an upwards of one million Muslim migrants into Germany, migrant crime has soared. This has led to a great deal of unrest among native Germans. According to Kern, “Mass migration is also accelerating the Islamization of Germany, [and] many Germans appear to be losing hope about the future direction of their country.” This loss of hope is quite reasonable as the birth rates among Germans are going down dramatically, and the Islamic migration is increasing the same. If this pattern continues, the face of Germany could forever change. Since the opened border mass migration policy, Islamic terror has swept over the land. There have been police officers stabbed in the neck, bombings, an axe-wielding rampage, a truck running people over, and more—all in the name of, or suspected to be in the name of, Allah Germany has recognized the problem, and, in an effort to combat it, has implemented a new integration law. One of the main issues, and the one that fits in our topic, with having an opened border mass migration policy is that Europe is a secular continent, and the immigrants

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