The Term ‘Race’ Can Articulate Various Connotations And

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The term ‘race’ can articulate various connotations and ideas. However, the principal idea to keep in mind is that race is not a biological term and serves its only resolution in holding or mobilizing people socially. In a determination to understand the construction of race differences and relationships, I identify conclusions from readings from Pem Davidson Buck, John Taylor Gatto and Bill O’Reilly, scrutinize the Anglo-Conformity that different races go through in predominantly white culture vicinities such as Purdue, and the effect of technology and consumerism in understanding racial inequality. Furthermore, one specific finding in analyzing the social stratification and inequality that we see today, I examine the importance in the …show more content…

The teachers may even form this idea in their brain as they show no interest in pushing them to their limits. It is important for the school system and education to push everyone equally and to unlock the hidden potential every student has. After understanding the psychological wage of white privilege, I came back to Buck’s essay. White Power formed as America was in its beginning period still trying to gain wealth. White Power was not formed from wealth or elitism, but the essence of being white created the superiority. Today in the world we distinguish African Americans seeing more disadvantage than other races in rising socially as a result. Another interesting finding from Bill O’Reilly’s The Truth about White Privilege presents various statistics in an effort to downgrade white privilege. It is true and something we can all agree on that as a Caucasian, people believe in an inherent advantage in America. Bill O’Reilly, however, disputed white privilege and essentially narrowed it down to socioeconomic factors and education as a reason for disadvantaged African Americans. Bill O’Reilly brings in statistics that Asians have a significantly higher graduation rate, salary and stable home rate than whites and African Americans. However, Asian American migrated here without having to deal with the historic past of enslavement and America developing. He, furthermore, says that there is no such thing as Asian Power, so

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