The Testament Of The Bible Essay

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The Bible is about the story of a missionary, Jesus Christ, sent by the Father to the world. Before leaving the earth, Jesus commanded the disciples to be missionaries. He gave the Great Commission and commanded the disciples to be witnesses. Believers today are not only targets of the mission, but also proclaimers of the mission. In order to finish the task, Jesus gave us the handbook of the mission. In and through the Bible, God prepares the missionaries and the mission messages.
There are many passages related to the mission theme. The writings of Luke has been a great resource. The book of Acts recorded the mission in the first century led by the twelve Apostles and the Apostle Paul. The Gospel of Luke is also a major resource for the start of the missions of the twelve. Luke recorded the event of Jesus commissioned the Apostles to proclaim repentance and forgiveness of sins in His name. There are important principles that are useful for contemporary missions.
In this paper, several aspects of mission preparation will be discussed. First, the missionaries must know Jesus personally. They must also understand the Bible, which was about the prophecies and their fulfillments in Jesus. Second, the missionaries must develop the attitude of being witnesses. They also need to have the attitude of replying on the power of the Holy Spirit. Third, the missionaries must develop their skills of proclaiming the message.
Scriptural Context and Content of Luke 24
The Gospel of Luke
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