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The Jack-In-The-Box She sat on the ledge of her window, looking down at the dark green grass below her. Everything was quiet, except her parents yelling at the top of their lungs. Her blue hair covering her face so you couldn 't see the tears streaming down. This isn’t the first time she has done this. The other times, though, she would have to hold her little brother tight, just like her older brother used to do before he got shot. Times like these, she would stare at the ground, wondering if she should jump or not, wondering if anyone would miss her. “Not right now violet, later,” she whispered, crawling back into her room. Meanwhile, in an old amusement park, a clown sat on an old barrel with a bucket of candy in his lap, with …show more content…

She walked over to her bedroom door and locked it. She quietly ran over to the window and threw her skateboard to the ground. she climbed through the window and slid down a tree. She threw her skateboard on the ground of the sidewalk and pushed off the ground. She made her way through the neighborhood to a park she always came to, but this time it looked different. The grass and trees looked dead. the old playground looks terrifying, and there was this little tiny light hiding just between to trees. Violet made her way to the light cautiously as if she was trying to not scared it away. She poked it with her finger, and the POOF, she was gone. Jack faked a smile at the dreadful children, trying to make them happy and clueless. They all watched a show as jack stayed behind them, picking out which one he wanted to kill first. Jack then felt like there was someone missing like someone was out in the park. He let the children out of the tent, so he could find the one he was missing. Then that feeling turned into a feeling of two people. Jack walked quickly around the park when suddenly he saw her, the first girl he had ever killed. The rings around his nose started spinning as he started getting angry. Violet landed with a thud onto the ground, arms and legs in different directions. She stood up while brushing herself off. she was surprised, seeing as she didn 't think she would leave from the park and that a huge amusement park was right behind a big gate. She pushed the gate

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