The ' The Box '

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The Jack-In-The-Box She sat on the ledge of her window, looking down at the dark green grass below her. Everything was quiet, except her parents yelling at the top of their lungs. Her blue hair covering her face so you couldn 't see the tears streaming down. This isn’t the first time she has done this. The other times, though, she would have to hold her little brother tight, just like her older brother used to do before he got shot. Times like these, she would stare at the ground, wondering if she should jump or not, wondering if anyone would miss her. “Not right now violet, later,” she whispered, crawling back into her room. Meanwhile, in an old amusement park, a clown sat on an old barrel with a bucket of candy in his lap, with a big grin on his face. He waited for the children to show up, like they always do, hoping for more victims than last night. Just like that one by one child walked out of the darkness. The clown jumped up, running around giving out candy, when all of it was gone, he ran to the front, smiling as wide as he could. He turned to look at all the young faces, saying “Welcome to the best place you have ever seen! I’m Jack, Let 's have some fun,” he said as he slowly opened the gate to the children 's doom.
Back at Violet’s house, the yelling got worse. It was worse than any other times before, and she was sick of it. She climbed back through the window into her room, grabbing her bag and throwing the money she had saved up, and some clothes into…

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