The Theme Of Tracks By Louise Erdrich

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In her novel Tracks, Louise Erdrich tells the story of the Anishinaabe tribe living in North Dakota. She is primarily focused on the conflict between the Anishinaabe people and the United States Government because these Chipawa people continued to experience a peculiarly American form of apartheid, characterized by segregation, discrimination, cultural imperialism everyday violence and encroachments in their lands even after the emancipiation proclamination. Native Americans across the country continued to experience innumerable and interrelated forms of economic, political and social oppression. In other words there was the western domination of American Indians and their resources. Yet such efforts did not go unchallenged. In fact recent years have seen extensive resistance on the part of American Indians, as they reassert their remaining treaty rights around land resources and self governance. The American Indians demand for sovereignty and self determination. Frequently, this has been manifested in the invocation of rights claims-specifically, treaty fishing and the land resource rights. Euro-American's hegemony and the practices of…show more content…
Warren in her book Ecofeminist Philosophy opines "Ecological feminists ("ecofeminists") claim that there are important connections between the unjustified dominations of women, people of color, children, and the poor and the unjustified domination of nature. (1) These unjustifiably dominated or marginalized groups "Others," comprises both "human Others" (such as women, people of color, children, and the poor) and "earth Others" (such as animals, forests, the land). The reference to "Others" is intended to highlight the status of those subordinate groups in unjustifiable relationships and systems of domination and subordination. These relations always worked in the societies and are still functional now therefore this paper tries to shed lights on the macrocosmic world view by studying the microcosmic cocoon of the
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