The Theories Of Schemes: The Breakfast Club

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The theories of Schemes will be explored. We are looking to see how stereotypes can help influence someone to act a certain way and feel certainly about them selves. Checking Conformity and how Allison reforms to fit what the other students think about her. The was that she changed from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie shows how people can change just in order to fit and and to feel better about themselves. The meaning of reciprocity and how people view each other and how the psychical attraction could change how people see other people. The way that the students all fell for each other is going to be examined as if it would to really happen like that. Overall going to check to see if the guidelines to these theories are truly in effect for the students of The Breakfast Club. Watching the breakfast club enlightens us with five …show more content…

Schemes which are mental structures that organize our knowledge about the world and influence how we interpret people. I believe that schemes were thrown onto the breakfast club about people like Brian with the intentions that he was someone that was smart and that he would do everything for them as a push over. According to Bargh,Chen, and Burrows recent activities and experience are likely to increase and influence our judgements based on prior times. (1996) If you see a movie where someone was kidnapped then the next time you see ambiguous situations were children are interacting you are more likely to think that a kidnaping is happening. (Barg,Chen, nd Burrows, 1996). As the schemes grow priming-recent experiences increase the usability of the trait or concept(Bargh and Pietromonaco, 1982) According to this study as people are more taking to believing and seeing something occur in front of them , it will be in their unconscious mind were it would come to the person automatically to think of someone as that because of past

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