The Theories Of The Field Of Psychology Essay

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The field of psychology has grown tremendously over the years. Originally the field began with the Greek asking questions about how we know anything and how we can be sure that we know (Wertheimer, 2012, p.21). The philosophy’s that were created over time lead to the beginning of experimental psychology in 19th century Europe (Wertheimer, 2012, p.65). This was a time of little diversity as those who studied psychology tended to be white European men. This lack of diversity may have hindered the speed at which the field of psychology grew but has still made a great contribution to its growth. The French philosopher René Descartes came up with the concept of dualism in the 1600s (Boundless, 2016). His theory was that the mind and the body are both separate entities (Boundless, 2016). However, two English philosophers disagreed with Descartes theory (Boundless, 2016). John Locke and Thomas Hobbes believed that all human experiences are physical processes that occur inside the brain and the nervous system (Boundless, 2016). Research has shown that both the mental and the physical aspects of human experience is profoundly entangled, leading Hobbes and Locke to believe that the mind and the body are so well connected that they are one (the theory of monism) (Boundless, 2016). This line of thinking has grown through the decades and had a major influence on both early English psychology and psychology today. Today’s mental health professionals find that their influence stems from

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