The Study Of Human Psychology Essay

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The study of human psychology comprises many elements to best understand human behaviour, through theoretical perspectives on aspects including behavioural, cognitive and personality psychology (Caponecchia, 2012). In the modern era, psychology has been recognised as one of the foundations during learning, with individuals having different abilities and learning rates, it is essential that tutors teach considering the individual differences students possess (Nezhad and Vahedi, 2011). Instructors have been shown to teach in their own preferred learning method, which may not necessarily be the most appropriate style for the students. This creates loss of motivation in the students and lower learning rates (Gailbraith and Saunders, 1987). Potentially, this is due to learners preferring to learn within their comfort zone whilst utilizing their dominant learning style (Partridge, 1983). Teachers need to be aware of the different teaching methods out there and have an understanding of them for ongoing refinement and success (Vaughn and Baker, 2001). There is also an importance in recognising individuals not just for their abilities but also for their personalities and motivation (Entwistle, 2013). Similarly, whilst undertaking any sort of leadership role, it is just as important to be self-aware of your own traits including emotions, goals and identity, in order to create positive relationships and maintain sustainable performance (Avolio and Gardner, 2005).

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