The Theories That Best Resonate With Me Essay

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Introduction In analyzing my development, the two theories that best resonate with me are the cognitive theory of Baxter Magolda’s Model and the moral theory of Rest’s Approach. I plan to first begin explaining Baxter’s cognitive model and relate it to my personal development through personal examples. I will transition to talk about Rest’s moral development approach and how the approach applies to my personal development. Baxter Magolda’s Model The Baxter Magolda’s Model focuses on the epistemological reflection through four stages with gender related differences. The epistemological reflection encompasses the assumptions about the nature, limits, and certainty of knowledge. Baxter’s model was one of the first to address gender in cognitive development in both men and women. The four stages that Baxter utilizes include: Absolute, Transitional, Independent, and Contextual knowing. (p. 363) Through Absolute Knowing, knowledge is certain, for example instructors are seen as authorities with the answers. Knowledge is then acquired by two means, either receiving knowledge, which is used more by women and has a minimal interaction with instructors. (p. 363) The second means of knowledge is mastering knowledge under which knowledge is obtained by a “verbal” approach or willing to question learning when interacting with instructors. (p. 363) Through the Transitional Knowing stage, individuals accept that some knowledge as being uncertain, which includes two patterns of
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