Things That Influence My Personal Worldview Essay

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Worldview Final Paper

Worldview is how you view the world around you and your place in it. Obviously a worldview is shaped and expanded over the course of a lifetime by many different influences. It is important to really examine your worldview and support it using many viewpoints. This paper will be made up of three parts all incorporating my worldview. In the first part I will explain my worldview in detail. In the second part I will be comparing my worldview to another. Finally, in the third part I will use my worldview to support my stance on an ethical dilemma of abortion.
In this first part of this paper I will be explaining my worldview. There are three influences I will focus on to give an in depth look at how I came to my …show more content…

Another part of my religion that affects my worldview is the fact we have forgiveness through God. He sent is one and only son to Earth to die in order to give us salvation through him. That gives me hope for our world, the fact that we have a choice to follow him and refrain from sin. Another belief from my religion that influences my worldview is that there is evil in the world. Especially in today’s times, it is easy to see how the world is becoming filled with more and more evil. I think God allows evil in the world to keep humanity in check to some point. In other words, God has the need to test his followers. Those tests most often come in the form of different evils. The tests are, in other words, a way to test our self- will. I think this is a huge part of Christianity and in turn my worldview. I feel like showing your self-will is a daily challenge and in it can be tested in many different ways or scenarios. I think that God is able to take evil away but somehow it is necessary to keep in the world. I honestly can’t think of a reason for keeping evil in the world but I have to keep faith that God does have a purpose for it. This, ties in to a part of my worldview, in that there is a purpose for everything.
The second influence to my worldview is family. Many people in today’s times base their life’s purpose on their desires. For me, my life’s purpose is based on those around me. “Do not merely look out for your own

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