The Theory Of A Teacher

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I understand that running an entire state can be difficult, but it is critical for an important man, such as yourself, to keep in mind the education system in New York and to remember the future of the state. The Danielson Framework for teachers, although it does provide a standard to assess teachers on, is ultimately inaccurate and inefficient. The framework fails to provide an assessment on how “effective” a teacher is but rather how effective a teacher can act while getting reviewed. In the occasion that a teacher does attempt to follow the framework throughout the year, they could end up focusing too much on the minor aspects than focusing on the content they are teaching. Please understand that there are better ways to judge the effectiveness of a teacher. The Danielson Framework has forced teachers to means of teaching they are not comfortable with. Teachers have changed their entire teaching methods for their evaluations. My teacher shifted from a normally lecture-heavy class setting, which has its benefits, to worksheets and activities for one day to convince their evaluators that they are “engaging students in learning” with “activities and assignments.” Although you may believe that these activities are engaging, a teacher whose main strength is in lectures and whose students have grown accustomed to his lectures did not know how to effectively use those worksheets. To this day I have no idea what I learned in that activity. It was not only this one teacher who
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